American Hippie at #1


~ ReUse ~ ReCycle ~ RePurpose ~

An American Hippie knows that this earth cannot last forever unless we start doing something to help it. Recycling is a good place to begin. Whether reusing an item as a hand-me-down or repurposing an item for something not originally intended, every little bit you and I do will help our earth continue to live and grow.

American Hippie Shipping Policy:

All items will be shipped via USPS First Class Parcel or USPS Priority Mail with a Delivery Confirmation Number. Shipping costs are not inflated and are therefore non-negotiable. I will ship your items in recycled packaging whenever possible. Shipping will usually occur on Mondays and Tuesdays so that you get your item the same week you pay for it.

American-Hippie Refund Policy

Due to the personal nature of many items, some items cannot be refunded.  On all other items, if American-Hippie sends you the wrong item, or a breakable item does break or any item is damaged during shipment, we will cheerfully refund all costs:  the item, the postage to and from, etc.  You may be asked to return the item, but American-Hippie will not stop until you are happy!