Bill Gage Equipment started out in 1978 as a business in Hampton, NY that only dealt in selling and repairing used appliances and store and restaurant equipment. Over the years it has evolved into buying, repairing and reconditioning and selling of used, pre owned store and restaurant equipment. We work out of a small warehouse and lot and use a very good shipper to pallet, wrap and ship items all over the United States . Our core of business is servicing a 300 mile radius from Buffalo to Boston and from New York City to Montreal. We offer local delivery within 150 miles of Hampton, NY 12837. Winter phone, Jan thru April, is 941-722-8537 May thru December phone is 518-282-9818 . You may notice that the number of sales via is 0. This is because people call me and buy the units direct from me. I use my onlineauction site as a store to show buyers some of what I have in stock for sale. My store site on onlineauction has helped to increase my sales as a small business. It is a plus for my customers and myself. I recommend anyone use to enhance their business. Ebay and all it's attached strings can take a hike. We are located at 10 Greenfield Lane, Hampton, NY 12837 on the New York/Vermont border below Lake Champlain , the Lake where our Navy first whooped the British. We sell all over the United States. Most of our sales are from a 300 mile radius (Buffalo to Boston, Montreal to New York City). We are not open regular hours and recommend making an appointment before traveling to look at merchandise. We handle a lot more items than what you see on this auction site. Call 518-282-9818 with your needs and let's discuss them. Also, email me us at with any questions. If you have used ,pre owned pieces that you want to sell call us. Also, if you see an item you are interested in make an offer. If there is a special piece you need let us know.