Antique English Made Double Wick Burner Jadeite Jadite Parlor Lamp

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Antique English Made Double Wick Burner Jadeite Jadite Parlor Lamp. The lamp stands 14", excluding burner and the bowl is app. 6'D, with a base of 7". The base is weighted. The base is a non-ferrous material with a copper looking finish. I have no idea who made the Jadite looking bowl, however it does have the look of what McKee made in the Jadite line. The wick has a mounting for a sphere type of globe. There is a metal strip that goes across the top of the burner and between the two wicks that is broken out and missing. There is a crack in the metal spacer just above the base and under the column that goes up to the glass bowl. No wick, chimney of globe. Both wick adjustment knobs seem to work. At some distant point a sticker was attached to the bowl with, "178 Green Doublewick Brass & Copper Base Lamp." Always happy to combine items for shipping. If you have a question please ask. At closing I will send an invoice with appropriate options for shipping. Buyer to pay shipping and if desired insurance. Good luck (927)



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