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MAY THE BEST BIDDER WIN!!I sell 24/7 SO SEND ME EMAILS I DO RESPOND!!! I am happy to work with resellers and customers. VINTAGE JEWELRY IS MAKING A STRONG COMEBACK AND THIS IS MY SPECIALTYSTAY TUNED FOR MORE 99 CENT LISTINGS ITEM MUST BE RETURNED UNDAMAGED FOR RESALE POLICY/PURPOSES THKS. FEEDBACK: I LEAVE FEEDBACK AFTER BUYER LEAVES FEEDBACK. EMAIL ME IF I MISS YOURS DUE TO HIGH VOLUME OF SALES. I do not leave feedback first to lower the chances of a few unfair and totally unreasonable buyers leaving unfair feedback usually due to my refusal to meet unreasonable demands or failure of a buyer to at least contact me regarding any type of product issueSHIPPING IS EASILY COMBINED AT ALL TIMES. 1. Wait for me to send you the invoice. 2. Email me if you still have more shopping. You can even pick what you want to pay for. If the order is two or more items I drop the 45 cent charge in the first class shipping. The two day handling time is broken when I am unable to get to the post office (ie blizzard flu work schedule change etc) but please email me if you are getting anxious Pricing: How to make a living onlineyes this pays my bills so while I love 99 cent listings the $1.65 and $5.00 plus listings is what keeps this running. I just started the 99 cent listings December 20th and will see over the next three months if it is working. I only price items higher than $2.00 if it has a high market demand or I know it will sell at a higher price. Some costume jewelry pieces vintage in particular are very valuable and I have sold these for over $25.00 each so I am somewhat aware of the value of each item regardless of its high or low pricing. If a piece of jewelry is priced higher than $9.00 this is because I have deemed the piece to valuable or pretty. If an item is priced over $15.00 its a really nice piece!Buyer ADVICE: Please ask all questions regarding condition before bidding. I do not and can not describe or be aware of every aspect of the item listed. It is possible to miss a defect or for items to break while en route. This is not an attempt to mislead. I do open a case if you fail to pay within 4 business days. Please do not open a case before communicating with me via email.I usually leave no feedback if a case is opened without attempting to work out the problem with me especially since most of my items have a generous and very reasonable 30 day return policy. Lastly payment is expected on all items within 3 business days unless you are a repeat customer or buying more than one item for combined shipping. Lastly the penny in the pictures is for size comparison and not part of the sale.PRIVACY: I AM resellers friendly..I strongly believe in doing business with internet resellers, owners of brick and mortar stores and Most of my items have the privacy feature so customers will not know what you bought from me. If you notice it needs to be enabled email me and I will enable the privacy featureHAPPY NEW YEAR!! Most of my jewelry items are great for friendship gifts, making up with your lover gift, and VALENTINES DAY GIFTS!CHARLES IN NY

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