All year I collect vintage treasures that I find ...

All year I collect vintage treasures that I find ...

1909Ventilo (0) 0 Comments 11/30/2017 06:15 PM

On my way to mail Christmas packages to all my favorite people.  All year I collect vintage treasures that I find at thrift shops and on  I pack them up at Christmas time to mail out.  I love to buy unusual items that my friends I'm hoping will be excited upon receiving.  The packages sometimes are so wonderful I barely want to part with them.  I look for amazing scarfs and jewelry, a spectacular glittery brooch or some sterling whimsy.  Teacups with extravagant ornate designs that I can put a favorite tea in.  Recently I found unique stockings that someone embellished with quilt pieces and unusual buttons.  Velvet trims and ribbons it's the little touches that mean so much. These will be perfect to put a small antique book of poems in.  I love old carved wood boxes and I can't wait to put fragrant woodsy soaps I recently purchased.  Old blue Kerr jars are perfect for filling with handmade candies.  The lovely vintage velvet purse I found will be perfectly filled with tussie-mussie sachets.  I use plain matte wrapping embellished with antique ribbons and scribbled with messages of love.

Ideas for the perfect present for an adored friend is most of the fun. 

Christmas giving doesn't have to be expensive, most loved ones just want to feel love.

hugs 1909ventilo